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International Affairs

The International Affairs Department, briefly referred to as GRI, ensures the development of the actions required to the exercise of the DGPJ competences within the international relations scope, and is entrusted to:

  • Follow up and assist the Portuguese State international policy within the justice sphere, coordinating the Ministry of Justice’s representation in the negotiations of conventions, agreements and international treaties, as well as in the commissions, meetings, conferences or similar organizations;
  • Prepare the by-elements to help define the justice policy within the European Union scope;
  • Analyse or draw up opinions on projects or on European Union’s legislative proposals in the justice scope, to follow up and technically assist in the implementation, into the domestic order, of directives and framework-decisions in the justice sphere and, in general, to follow up on the implementation of the European Union’s legislation into the internal order;
  • Follow up on the community pre-litigious and litigious issues regarding justice matters;
  • Coordinate the Ministry of Justice’s relations with the different community institutions;
  • Prepare the elements required for the definition of the Ministry of Justice’s policy and cooperation and ensure its execution;
  • Collect and study international law and applicable European Union law norms, or those in relation to which the Portuguese State wishes to be bound, as well as to study and disclose community case-law, doctrine and policy for the sector.


For further information on the activities pursued by DGPJ, you can reach us at ‘Contact DGPJ’.